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I've a complex situation for one of my store..

I've 4 basic categories and under this the categories just expand and just under the last child category i list the products .

For example, the category order will be,

Air station  -> Mid atlantic -> Atlantic city -> Products

Category1         Sub-cat-1        sub-cat-2

I've no problem in this, the products can be of apparels , caps etc.

Again the apparels and caps can have more products like 100% cotton, Wool, 100% poly etc.,

And i can use configurable products for this, but the thing is i've more than 700 sub-cat-2 where these kinds of products return..

Most importantly, i want to list the unique products in the home page under (all products). So whenever the user clicks a products ( say caps), i want to list all the caps and the user should be able to select the sub-cat-2(here Atlantic city) and the price should vary..

So i'm thinking of adding the base products as T-shirt, Cap and configure them using color, material(eg: 100% cotton...) but how can i configure the sub-cat-2 too and i want to display the unique image based on the selection of sub-cat-2..

Is that possible? Have anyone done like this before.? Any help will be appreciated.

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Any solutions geeks? I'm still eager to know.. –  Vijay May 19 '11 at 7:28
anything to look for ? –  Vijay Jul 20 '11 at 13:36

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