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I am getting the following error. I can not figure out what is missing, as I seem to have all my brackets matched up.

Error: unexpected ')' in: "{ if (grepl(propertiesData[x,'city'],population[z,'NAME'],ignore.case=TRUE) & (propertiesData[x,'stateLong']==population[z,'STATENAME')"

Here is the code of the loop:

for (z in c(1:nrow(population)))
    if (grepl(propertiesData[x,'city'],population[z,'NAME'],ignore.case=TRUE) & (propertiesData[x,'stateLong']==population[z,'STATENAME'))
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I recommend you use an IDE that will help you with your syntax. Your time is too precious to spend it on stuff like this. I recommend RStudio or Eclipse+StatET plugin. – Roman Luštrik May 2 '11 at 7:35
R is telling you exactly what is wrong so this is way too obvious – mdsumner May 2 '11 at 8:16
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Seems like you forgot the closing bracket. Add it in and see what happens:

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You're missing one ] at the end of line.

...==population[z,'STATENAME'] ))

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You are missing "]" at the end : (propertiesData[x,'stateLong']==population[z,'STATENAME']))

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