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Im new to objective-c programming and im currently working on an iPhone project and my task has to deal with 2d and 3d arrays, I have actually been trying for a while but im not sure if im on the right track. Im trying to achieve the following:

1)Trip 1 must be in index 0 of array1 2)Trip 1 has departure time, arrival time and trip instructions 3)now im trying to have the departure in array2 index 0 that's being pointed to by trip1 in array1 in index zero, and arrival in array2 index 1 4)array2 will have array3 that has instructions for trip one

I have for loops and everything is working perfectly i just need to know how to do the above, in other words how to save these information in the manner i have described in the above steps?

i have done this but not sure if im right or wrong: Array1 = [[NSmutableArray] init]; Array2 = [[NSmutableArray] inti]; [Array1 insertObject:Array2 atIndex:0];

[Array1 addObject:ObjectToAdd, i] [Array2 addObject:ObjectToAdd, i]

Note: "i" starts from zero

Thank you,

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possible duplicate of Multidimensional Arrays – Caleb May 2 '11 at 6:30

You can use a NSMutableArray and insert different objects into it. For example you have 3 classes say A, B, C

NSMutableArray mainArray = [NSMutable array];
A array1 = [A new];
B array2 = [B new];
C array3 = [C new];

[mainArray addObject:array1];
[mainArray addObject:array2];
[mainArray addObject:array3];

Now you can access these objects via your mainArray.

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The problem is i cant pre-determine how many objects i need before i get into my loop because my loop determines the number of trips i have. So, all my arrays must be dynamic. – Zee May 2 '11 at 6:30
Ofcourse you can add as many elements you want to the mutable array. – Praveen S May 2 '11 at 6:51

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