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i am creating an array of textboxes. and each box has a corresponding del and edit option.

    <input type='text' id='pp_insti' name='pp_insti[]' value='"+institute+"' style='display:none;'>
    <input type='button' class='edit-button' id='pp_edit name='pp_edit[]' onclick='pp_edit();'/>
<input type='button' class='del-button' id='pp_del name='pp_del[]' onclick='pp_del();'/>

what value of index should i pass for pp_edit so i know which pp_inst[] to edit.

can anyone help.. thanks

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your code seems invalid in javascript . –  DhruvPathak May 2 '11 at 6:20

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You're trying to create several textboxes with the same ID (pp_insti). This is not allowed.

Instead, you could give them IDs such as pp_insti_1, pp_insti_2 etc, based on the value of i. You could then pass the value of i to the edit and delete functions as well, to be able to find the text box of interest.

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You don't need to pass a value, because the onclick handler is run with an event variable automatically passed to it. Therefore change your function definition of pp_edit() to pp_edit(ev), and then inside the function use elem=ev.target, where elem will be the DOM element that was clicked on.

Alternatively, you could pass the this keyword to each call of pp_edit: onclick='pp_edit(this);, then define pp_edit: pp_edit(obj). Now in pp_edit, obj refers to the clicked element.

The third alternative is to set the onclick handlers programatically, instead of in-line:


Now, when pp_edit is called, it will be within the context of the clicked element, and inside pp_edit, the this keyword will refer to the clicked element.

NOTE: as another user pointed out, your code is invalid, but I am assuming you posted it that way to get your point across. If not, you definitely need to lookup functions like document.createElement().

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