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Im trying to see if mongodb is a fit for us. So i have with simple test:

Num of rows: 1.24 mil Cols: 20


select date,sum(revenue) from sales group by date


Returned in 1sec


$keys = array("date"=>1);

    $initial = array("rev" => 0);

    $reduce = "function (obj, prev) { prev.rev += obj.revenue; }";

    return $collection->group($keys, $initial, $reduce);


Script timed out


What am i doing wrong??

Surely mongodb can do better than this?

If mongodb can win this test my next test is on a 30mil table.

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Have you checked out


before using Map-Reduce?

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i thought I was doing that, can you give me more explain more? –  johnstontrav May 4 '11 at 4:05

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