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I have a requirement in which i have to foloow the steps in following manner :-

  1. I have to search for a particular record using some filters.
  2. The matching records will be displayed in a grid on the same page under a tab.
  3. Now when I click on the data in grid, a new tab is opened with the description of that record.

Can somebody tell me how can I achieve this all tab formation on runtime through javascript?

Thanks in advance.


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What have you tried? Nobody's going to do our homework for you. –  Demian Brecht May 2 '11 at 6:30
When you say "tab", are you speaking of a browser tab, or a tab that is part of the document? –  Bryan Oakley Aug 2 '13 at 15:28

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Not in programmers control. It is a customizable option in many browsers. So, depending upon user's customization, when you try to programatically open it in a new window, it is up to the browser to open it in a new window or new tab

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To answer your actual question, you can use JQuery and JQuery UI to create tabs at runtime via Javascript. You will find you get better answers if you spend a little longer formatting the question. Right now it feels like you're looking for an entire system.

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Use the following code for opening new window:
window.open( "somephpfile.php","","width:1300,height:800" );

Use the following code for opening new tab:
window.open( "somephpfile.php");

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