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I'm looking for a way of handling references in an easier way in Visual Studio.

Is there an extension that provides one of those features:

  • Copy references from a project to another
  • Drag & Drop .dll files from Windows Explorer to the References folder in the Visual Studio solution?
  • Edit the Path of those dlls that aren't found in the Solution?
  • Any other interesting feature...

It would be great to have all those features in a single place, but I'm just looking for an extension that provides any of the first 3.

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If you are voting for closing this question, could you at least provide a reason here? – Oscar Mederos May 2 '11 at 6:44
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To "Copy references from a project to another", you can use the Copy Reference and Paste Reference commands of Visual Studio Powertoys.

Visual Studio 2010's Productivity Power Tools offers a better, quicker Add Ref dialog.

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