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I am using JSF 1.2 framework. Right now i am trying to implement a file upload process in which the number of files to be uploaded is controlled by the end user. Please find the below snapshot and code snippet for reference.

Multiple File Upload

XHTML Implementation:-

<a4j:commandLink action="#{importWSDLBean.xsdLoopIncrementAction}" reRender="WSDLPanelGrid">
 <h:graphicImage value="/images/plus_icon.gif" />

<a4j:commandLink action="#{importWSDLBean.xsdLoopDecrementAction}" reRender="WSDLPanelGrid">
 <h:graphicImage value="/images/minus_icon.gif" />

<h:panelGrid id="WSDLPanelGrid">
 <c:forEach items="#{importWSDLBean.acscDataList}" var="inputFUpload">
  <t:inputFileUpload id="#{inputFUpload.id}" value="#{inputFUpload.value}" />

Java Bean Implementation:-

public String xsdLoopIncrementAction() {
    if (acscDataList == null) {
        acscDataList = new ACSCDataList(new ArrayList());
        HtmlInputFileUpload htmlUpload = new HtmlInputFileUpload();
        htmlUpload.setId("upload" + (acscDataList.size() + 1));
    } else {
        HtmlInputFileUpload htmlUpload = new HtmlInputFileUpload();
        htmlUpload.setId("upload" + (acscDataList.size() + 1));
    return "success";

public String xsdLoopDecrementAction() {
    if (acscDataList != null) {
        if (acscDataList.size() > 0) {
            acscDataList.remove(acscDataList.size() - 1);
    return "success";

This implementation resets the file upload values whenever i increment or decrement the no. of file upload fields. Also when i submit the form i cant able to get the UploadedFile object (File Upload prerequisite such as Form type and Web.xml configuration is also included).

Can anyone help me out?

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Does something prevent you from using JSF 2? Primefaces ( www.primefaces.org ) has a multiple fileupload component. It is available for JSF 1.2, but development will go on for JSF 2 only.

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Upgrade to JSF2 seems to be a time killer task, as we face a lot of config issues :(. Are you sure multiple file upload is available for JSF 1.2? –  R K May 2 '11 at 8:01
Quite sure, yes, although the component uses Flash (won't anymore in next Primefaces release). I wonder how your upgrade should be a time killer task, your don't have to change your configuration (you can use annotations but aren't forced to). –  ymajoros May 2 '11 at 13:09

If you create dinamically yours input uploads? with binding property

<h:panelGrid binding="#{importWSDLBean.myPanelGrid}"></h:panelGrid>

in your backing bean add property

private javax.faces.component.html.HtmlPanelGrid myPanelGrid;
 * @return the myPanelGrid
public javax.faces.component.html.HtmlPanelGrid getMyPanelGrid() {
    return myPanelGrid;

 * @param myPanelGrid the myPanelGrid to set
public void setMyPanelGrid(javax.faces.component.html.HtmlPanelGrid myPanelGrid) {
    this.myPanelGrid = myPanelGrid;
/*change for your value upload type*/
Map<String,Object> values = new LinkedHashMap<String, Object>();
public void addInputAction() {

    String key = "key"+values.size();

    HtmlInputText input = new HtmlInputText();
 /*add input property (converter,css,etc?)*/

    input.setValueExpression("value", createValueExpression(
            "#{WSDLPanelGrid.values['"+key+"']}", new Class[0], String.class));
/*add to panel grid your input*/

  public static ValueExpression createValueExpression(String value,
        Class[] params, Class returnType) {
    FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ELContext elctx = fctx.getELContext();
    Application jsfApp = fctx.getApplication();
    ExpressionFactory exprFactory = jsfApp.getExpressionFactory();

    ValueExpression valueExpr = exprFactory.createValueExpression(elctx,
            value, returnType);

    return valueExpr;

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"binding" attribute links your controller to jsf view-side code and should be avoided. But you could use the same basic idea: having a List of values in your managed bean, iterated from ui:repeat in your xhtml page. Clicking on "add" just adds an item to the list. –  ymajoros May 3 '11 at 7:53

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