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How can I add 10 recent changes of the object in the admin change_form.py?

I mean something like TabularInline of LogEntry for every model?

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Define change_view on your ModelAdmin to add the appropriate LogEntry items to the view's extra_context. Then provide your own change_form.html in yourproject/templates/admin or yourproject/templates/admin/myapp/mymodel to render those items. See ModelAdmin Methods - Other Methods and Overriding Admin Templates

class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

    def change_view(self, request, object_id, extra_context=None):
        # Get LogEntry queryset
        my_context = {
            'log_entries': log_entry_queryset,
        return super(MyModelAdmin, self).change_view(request, object_id, extra_context=my_context)
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