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I have look to a lot of tutorial to how to adjust a textView but i don't really a understand how?

i am using a simple Activity that have a TextView that i went it to be the bigger as possible That is the class

public class Zoom extends Activity
private String productName;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)


        Intent intent = getIntent();
        productName = intent.getStringExtra("ChoosenMed");

        TextView productNameTextView=(TextView)findViewById(R.id.prodcutNameZoomTextView);



Now what i went is to adjust the productNameTextView to fit the screen each time when i use this activity, like when the word its big the text will be smaller then when the word its smaller.

Thank for helping

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Did you try android:textSize=100dip this will increase your text size.

If you want your TextView size to be increased, try providing the layout_width and layout_height in some dip value. This should work

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I think it should be 100sp, not 100dip –  junyi00 Jun 12 '13 at 6:28
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try some thing like this android:layout_height="80dp"

u can keep changing the dp to get the required TextView size same to layout_width="70dp" hope this answers your question

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