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here i used 3 fields: 1.gender 2.agefrom to age_to 3.datefrom to dateto

actually my problem is when i select datefrom and dateto field only and click search button its showing some error.can u tell me whr im wrong .even i try out if request.POST.has_key('gender'): in case of search_gender = request.POST["gender"] but still output is not coming when i select datefrom AND dateto field both. thanx in advance.

search_gender = request.POST["gender"] age_from = request.POST["age_from"] age_to = request.POST["age_to"] date_from = request.POST["date_from"] date_to = request.POST["date_to"]

if date_from: date_from = datetime.strptime(request.POST["date_from"],"%d %B %Y")

if date_to:
    date_to = datetime.strptime(request.POST["date_to"],"%d %B %Y")

patient = PatientInfo()

p_male = 0
p_female = 0
age1 = 0
age2 = 0
date1 = 0
date2 = 0

if search_gender == 'male' : p_male = 1

if search_gender == 'female' :
    p_female = 1

if age_from:
    age1 = 1
if age_to:
    age2 = 1
if date_from:
    date1 = 1
if date_to:
    date2 = 1

if date1 and date2: if p_female: if age1 and age2: patient = PatientInfo.objects.filter(dateedit__range=(date_from,date_to),age__range=(age_from,age_to),gender_iexact='female') else: if age1: patient = PatientInfo.objects.filter(dateedit_range=(date_from,date_to),age__gte=age_from, gender_iexact='female') else: if age2: patient = PatientInfo.objects.filter(dateedit_range=(date_from,date_to), age__lte=age_to, gender__iexact='female') else: if p_female: patient = PatientInfo.objects.filter(dateedit__range=(date_from,date_to),gender_iexact='female') else: patient = PatientInfo.objects.filter(dateedit_range=(date_from,date_to))

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Posting the same question again three weeks later, when you've ignored previous replies, doesn't make it not a duplicate. – Daniel Roseman May 2 '11 at 8:02
possible duplicate of django query filter condition – Daniel Roseman May 2 '11 at 8:04
still my problem is not solved dats why im asking can u please help me?? – gur May 2 '11 at 8:04
The answer was given in previous replies: use Q objects. You ignored that. – Daniel Roseman May 2 '11 at 8:04
now im having same problem with Q objects even if i select both datefrom and dateto still error is there now please help im new to django im not getting.. – gur May 2 '11 at 8:51

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