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I want to develop a licensing tool for my software(Web application).It should have features like trail for 30 days and only limited to a particular set of users say 30 users.Is there any open source library available.i have planned it to develop in Java.I don't have any idea about licensing manager how should i proceed.

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You might want to look at License3j

License3j is a Java library that can be used to create and assert license files.

License3j license manager is free to use for profit purposes as well under the license terms covered by LGPL.

I have not personally used it. I'm looking for a solution too, and I came across it today.

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I don't know if any open source projects exist to handle your question, but please keep in mind that, as it seems you are developing a commercial application, you have to take care about under which licence the open source software is published if you intend to use it.

Commercial software using open source projects?

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