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Error 1 Cannot write to the output file "C:\Users\Daan\Desktop\zeebregts_soft\C#\zeebregtsCs\zeebregtsCs\obj\x86\Debug\zeebregtsCs.Properties.Resources.resources". Parameter is not valid. zeebregtsCs

Keep getting this error. I'm using ankhsvn + assembla. installed vs2010 pro on new laptop and connected to repository.

I've tried deleting resource(file)s and adding them, error keeps returning. Anyone got any insight?

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Are they both using the same OS, visual studio version, SVN version etc? None should be excuses, but I'm trying to limit the variables... –  Marc Gravell May 2 '11 at 8:38
at 120+ characters the path is long, but not near the limits –  Marc Gravell May 2 '11 at 8:41
Windows version is different old: ms windows server 2003 r2 (x86??) new:win 7 home prem x64. I didn't think about that. Could that be the culprit? –  Daanvl May 2 '11 at 8:41
I think could be permission issue with your folders, also did you try a clean build ? –  V4Vendetta May 2 '11 at 9:02
jup, if you mean buil>clean. What should my permissions be? I'm listed as owner and full control set as permissions.. –  Daanvl May 2 '11 at 9:09

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Marc put me on the right track. After googleling some more I found that .tiff files (used for my btns) don't like Win7. So converted them all to bmp and presto. everything's back to normal!

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