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I'm trying to create a word document in C++ using OpenXML SDK, I'm facing problems in adding references and using namespace as most of the examples in the web are given based on C#.

1.How do I add references to project and also use namespaces(Ex - using namespace System.Xml;) in the code

Also please suggest any C++ examples links for OpenXML SDK.

Thanks in advance

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I don't know of any for the SDK, but if you're looking for C++ in .NET and working with Open XML (System.IO.Packaging, etc.), grab the C++/CLI samples and lab off of the Open XML Developer workshop content page. In fact, all the other stuff there is also very helpful in working with Open XML.

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C++ uses static objects, hence to interact with .netframework you must use managed objects. C++/CLI is the best one for this business. Where you integrate common language infrastructure with C++. Check the below link..


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