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$str = "Hello world. It's a beautiful day.";
print_r (explode(" ",$str));

The above code prints an array as an output.

If I use

$homepage = file_get_contents('');
print_r (explode(" ",$homepage));

However it does not display individual numbers in the text file in the form of an array.

Ultimately I want to read numbers from a text file and print their frequency. The data.txt has 100,000 numbers. One number per line.

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Did you get any result? Are you sure that the numbers are not separated by an other whitespace character, like a tab? – Lekensteyn May 2 '11 at 9:57
When I used the "\n" I got the result. – endrendum May 2 '11 at 13:06

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A new line is not a space. You have to explode at the appropriate new line character combination. E.g. for Linux:


Alternatively, you can use preg_split and the character group \s which matches every white space character:

preg_split('/\s+/', $homepage);

Another option (maybe faster) might be to use fgetcsv.

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If you want the content of a file as an array of lines, there is already a built-in function


See Manual: file()

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Try exploding at "\n"

print_r (explode("\n",$homepage));

Also have a look at:

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You could solve it by using a Regexp also:

$homepage = file_get_contents("");
preg_match_all("/^[0-9]+$/", $homepage, $matches);

This will give you the variable $matches which contains an array with numbers. This will ensure it will only retrieve lines that have numbers in them in case the file is not well formatted.

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You are not exploding the string using the correct character. You either need to explode on new line separator (\n) or use a regular expression (will be slower but more robust). In that case, use preg_split

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