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in Java the following is a common idiom:

if( null != obj && obj.getSomeNumber() > 0 ) { ... }

This will perform the length check only, if null != obj is true. However, in a JPA NamedQuery this does not work:

name = "query"
query = "SELECT o FROM SomeObjectList o WHERE o.someObject is not null AND o.someObject.someNumber > 0")

(This is what I've expected, as this would also not work in SQL.)

o.someObject is either 'null' or an foreign key to a table where SomeObjects are stored. (Each column of the table corresponds to an attribute of SomeObject.)

-------------------------           ----------------------------
| Table: SomeObjectList |           |    Table: SomeObject     |
-------------------------           ----------------------------
|  id   |   someObject  |           |  id    |  number |  name |
-------------------------           ----------------------------
|   1   |        4      |           |   3    |    -4   | foo   |
-------------------------           ----------------------------
|   2   |       null    |           |   4    |     2   |  bar  |
-------------------------           ----------------------------

So I'd like to create a NamedQuery which will return all Objects from SomeObjectList which either have no object (someObject == null) or where SomeObject.number > 0. Currently, I obtain all objects and check myself if someObject is set.

But is there a way to get an similar behavior in JPA or does I have to perform the checks on the returned objects?

edit: Added graphics and clarified the problem. (Thanks to James.)

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You need to use an outer join for this.

Note your query is wrong, you want seem to want an OR not an AND, otherwise just remove the null check.

SELECT o FROM SomeObjectList o left join o.someObject so WHERE o.someObject is null OR so.someNumber > 0
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Thank you, seems to work. But shouldn't "is not null AND" be the same as "is null OR"? –  Arvodan May 4 '11 at 12:09

Not sure I understand?

You don't even need the "not null", just the length > 0 will not return true for null?

Also your code is wrong, length is a function, not a navigation.

It should be,

SELECT o FROM SomeObject o WHERE LENGTH(o.arry) > 0

Or is arry a collection relationship? In this case you would need to use SIZE, and the join will also filter absent relationships.

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'length' should be just a colum of the database. I choosed this, so it could be compared to my java comparison, but that seems to be not a good choice...edited it. Thanks! –  Arvodan May 3 '11 at 8:15

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