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I'm trying to get only the list of id of object bob for example instead of the list of bob. It's ok with a HQL request, but I would know if it's possible using criteria ?

An example :

final StringBuilder hql = new StringBuilder();
hql.append( "select from " )
    .append( bob.class.getName() ).append( " bob " )
    .append( "where > 10");

final Query query = session.createQuery( hql.toString() );
return query.list();
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I think you could do that with Projections, something like

        .add("id", 10))
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or setProjection(

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Similarly you can also:

Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(bob.class);

criteria.add("id", 10));



return criteria.list();
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Another option (though a bit un hibernate-esque) is to use "raw" sql, like this:

List<Long> myList = session.createSQLQuery("select single_column from table_name")
          .addScalar("single_column", StandardBasicTypes.LONG).list();
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