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Is there a way to step back a commit during an interactive rebase?


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No. You can --continue to continue rebasing (e.g. after you have solved some conflict), --abort (undo and whole rebase process) or --skip to skip current patch.

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Nope, as Magnus said.


  • git-rerere could come close to what you want in a way: if there were previous manual conflict resolutions that you didn't want to loose, you can enable rerere (prerecorded conflict resolutions) so that they will automatically be resolved in the same way on subsequent merges. Note that this means that you'll have to remember what part you want to resolve differently next time (presumably the goal of having a step-back in the first place?) because - well, rerere assumes you want to applies the same resolution again.

If you look at the implementation of rebase, you might be able to figure out alternative settings for GIT_WORK_TREE/GIT_DIR/GIT_INDEX; You could then perhaps use plumbing commands with a reflog for the rebase-in-progress branch?

  • this takes you deep into undocumented internals (beyond the plumbing)
  • you might just as well propose a patch to rebase that implements --step-back
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