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I have a requirement to use ViewBox control in my SilverLight project. Googled & found need installation of Silverlight Tool Kit for downloading dlls(Microsoft.Windows.Control.dll). As per the instructions i have downloaded tool kit from ( But when i tried to reference the dll(Microsoft.Windows.Control.dll) in my silverlight project i didnt find that dll. I tried even searching in my entire system. In some other blogs its mentioned as to reference (System.Windows.Controls.Toolkit.dll) to get ViewBox control. I did the same but not able to get ViewBox control in my XAML code. Kindly help me in resolving this issue.

Using VS 2010 IDE,Version 4.0 & XPProfessional OS.

Thanks Ganesh.B

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The Viewbox is found in System.Windows.dll it moved...

I had the exact problem just now and fixed it.

David Gray Wright

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