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I'm a bit lost in a migration to Play 1.2. We have a set of custom modules in our application. In Play 1.1.1 we used this structure:

  /main app

And application.conf referenced the modules as a relative path (../ module1)

How can I do the same in Play 1.2? I see I should use the dependencies.yml file, but can't find any information on this topic in the official documentation.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: There is a lot of mixed information in the Google Group, but this post solved the issues.

I copy it here to provide future reference for people searching this issue in SO:

Ok, using the latest from master, here the needed dependencies.yml with comments inline:

# Application dependencies

# Notes:
#   play is an alias for play -> play $currentVersion
#   play -> crud is an alias for play -> crud $currentVersion
#   play -> secure is an alias for play -> secure $currentVersion
#   Modules from the main repository use 'play' as organisation

    - play
    - play -> crud
    - play -> secure
    - play -> recaptcha 1.02
    - play -> greenscript 1.2b
    - crionics -> cms 1.0
    - ugot -> widgets 1.0
    - org.markdownj -> markdownj 0.3.0-1.0.2b4


    - Scala Tools:
        type:       iBiblio
        root:       http://scala-tools.org/repo-releases/
            - org.markdownj

    - My modules:
        type:       local
        artifact:   /somewhere/on/your/disk/[organisation]/[module]-[revision]

        # This folder must contain
        # /somewhere/on/your/disk/crionics/cms-1.0
        # /somewhere/on/your/disk/ugot/widgets-1.0

            - ugot
            - crionics 

NOTE: be aware that if you do something wrong with the local repository settings you risk deleting your project (completely!) when running play deps . Yes, it happened to me :(

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it doesn't work for me. I get a mystuff->mystuff -> missing when requiring mystuff -> users 1.0 from artifact path /path/to/repos/[organisation]/[module]-[revision] which contains /path/to/repos/mystuff/users-1.0 – Yanick Rochon Jun 28 '11 at 4:26
@Yanick I would recommend you to add a new question on this, attaching the content of your dependencies file in the question – Pere Villega Jun 28 '11 at 8:59
Check this answer stackoverflow.com/a/35773136/1023151 – mosid Mar 3 at 13:12
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To give the information to other people who are not subscribers of the play google group, to find such information, go on play google group https://groups.google.com/group/play-framework and search "module + local", you should find some clue...

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The play group has some misleading posts, but this one solved the issues: groups.google.com/group/play-framework/msg/0187ab09586d4920. I added the solution to the question as for future reference. – Pere Villega May 2 '11 at 14:05
just keep in mind that when your module uses organization "play", you have to put it in PLAY_PATH/modules – mandubian May 2 '11 at 14:27
redirecting to another forum with no minimal answer here nor a concrete reference to an answer in the other forum feels unpolite – Luis Muñoz Feb 26 '15 at 19:53

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