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Given this confirm method:

  if (@bucket.confirmation_code == @code)
      puts "OLAAA"
      flash[:success] = "Successfully confirmed bucket."
      redirect_to bucket_url(@bucket)
      flash[:fail] = "Error confirming bucket."
      redirect_to bucket_url(@bucket)

I have a spec testing if it toggles the confirmation attribute but even tough in the controller, everything seems to be working (confirmation == true), the test is failing (confirmation == false instead of true).

The test is as:

it "should have a confirmation URL" do
        @attr3 = {:email => "", :confirmation_code => "ola123"}
        post :create, :bucket => @attr3
        @bucket = Bucket.last
        post :confirm, :id =>, :code => "ola123" 
        @bucket.confirmation.should == true
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Instead of, which is unnecessary since your controller method will already do this, do @bucket.reload, which will re-query the database for the current values (which changed since you first assigned @bucket = Bucket.last). Then your confirmation value should return true.

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