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I have 4 target in my project and each target is an different application, application share all source and they differ each other for a little section. For do that simply I add an preprocessor define in build setting of the target which represent my application, I change also the bundle indentifier and the bundle display name.

The strange behavior if that when I try to change an bundle indentifier of a target sometimes (yes no all time) other target change also their bundle identifier and bundle display name.

What's wrong?

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Could you explain yourself a little bit more? It's not that your english is so bad but you described it in a misunderstandable way. –  wegginho May 2 '11 at 12:47

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I understand from your question that you want 4 targets with different bundle identifiers and bundle display names.

You should create a <target>-Info.plist for each of the targets. Do this to create a plist for each target:

  • Right click a plist and duplicate the file. Rename it to the name of one target.
  • Select project > target > Build Settings, type plist on the search box, you'll see the element Info.plist File. Change its value to point at the plist file you created.
  • Open that plist and change the Bundle Name, Bundle Display Name, Bundle Identifier to whatever you like.
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Worked like a charm! –  srayhunter May 1 at 22:12

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