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I have a very large application. And my application throw System.ExecutionEngineException sometimes and I cant find source of this Exception. Is there any way find it?

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Use WinDBG. For this kind of errors it will give you much more information.

Download and Install Debugging Tools for Windows

You can download previous versions so you don0t need to download the full DDK.

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If you want to catch error on live system, you can add logger to your application and write method name/line/other information about where the error occurs into the log(this will certainly work in debug mode). Its not that hard to add such thing even into large project. See http://nlog-project.org/ or http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff664569(v=PandP.50).aspx or smth else. If the system is not live-you can catch error with debug. Do it step-by-step(use F10, F11 in Visual Studio) and you will find it for sure!

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