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I'm wokring on a script that can create a data vault based on a database. To identify all the hubs i need a query that gives me the name of the link tables (many-to-many).

what is the best way to do this:

find surrogate keys or do I have to analyse the relations where they come from and where they go to?

Thank you in afvanced

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In a many-to-many, you can count on the existence of foreign keys. You can't count on the existence of surrogate keys.

At the very least, I think you'll need to identify tables that have

  • either a compound primary key or
  • a compound unique constraint

together with at least two columns that have foreign key references to other tables.

If your platform supports information_schema views, you'll probably need to look at one or more of these.

  • information_schema.key_column_usage
  • information_schema.referential_constraints
  • information_schema.table_constraints

I think this will give you the tables that have a compound primary key in PostgreSQL. Might help get you started.

select t.constraint_name, t.table_name, count(*) num_key_columns
from information_schema.table_constraints t
inner join information_schema.key_column_usage k 
    on (t.constraint_name = k.constraint_name)
where t.constraint_type = 'PRIMARY KEY' or t.constraint_type = 'UNIQUE'
group by t.constraint_name, t.table_name
having count(*) >= 2;

(If I were doing this, I'd create a view from this query. Another for foreign key references. Joins on them should be dead simple.)

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