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This is a snippet of text from the source xml document:

Great Lakes. The largest

It looks like there is a normal space between the period after Lakes and the word The after the period. But this is what it turns into in Sql Server.

Great Lakes.�The largest

I assume I need to replace the unknown character with a regular space character in our import tool (a c# console app) prior to loading the file as a proper XmlDocument. We're already doing stuff like that:

_buf = _buf.Replace("\x1E", "");
_buf = _buf.Replace("\x1C", "");

The person who wrote that isn't here anymore and I don't have much experience with character issues like this.

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Simply replacing on that question mark character seems to have fixed the problem.

_buf = _buf.Replace("�", " ");

It may be a naive approach, but there are no more funky chars on the web page so I'm going with it for now.

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