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Is it possible to remove the " character using an Excel formula?

I tried the REPLACE function like this

REPLACE(<sometext>, """, "")

and this

REPLACE((<sometext>, char(34), "")

but it doesn't work.

NB: I am using the Polish version of Excel, so it is probable, that the syntax is different than in the English version. For example, in Polish formulas we use ; instead of , as argument separator.

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The quotation mark character " must be represented by two of them "" when it's inside a string, to revolve the ambiguity between this "textual" quotation mark and the "code" quotation marks that delimit the beginning and end of your string.

In short, the right formula to remove all " from the text in A1 is:


with emphasis on the fact that the old_text argument has to be """" (four quotes) and not """ (three quotes) as you wrote in your question.

And maybe SUBSTITUTE is called Replace in the Polish edition? Anyhow, you have to use the Polish equivalent of SUBSTITUTE and whatever argument separator is appropriate (; or ,).

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Replace doesn't work the way, you want it to.

=SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(34), "-")

OR use ; as separator for your example

=SUBSTITUTE(A1; CHAR(34); "-")
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