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i wanna ask a question about returning a list... Facts:


team (milan,allegri,italy, 8.5).
team (inter,benitez,italy,7.6).
team (barcelona,guardiola,spain,7.8).
team (realmadrid,mourinho,spain,7.2).

and i want to create a predicate: find(T,N,G) : T is name of team, N is nationality of team and this team's overallgoal must be greater than G. and outputs must be like these:

find([], spain,9). returns true

find(X, spain,6). returns X=[barcelona, realmadrid]

i tried to do this with:




it gives results but not like output above... if my goal is find([],spain,9). then give false... if my goal is find(X,spain,6). then give first X=barcelona and wait for ";" after that give X=realmadrid... but i want to a list like above...

Thanks a lot...

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To extract a list of items satisfying a predicate from a database of clauses, one should use findall predicate. For example, your code could be rewritten as follows:

find(T, N, G) :- findall(X, (team(X, _, N, G0), G0 > G), T).
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Thanks you very much pad.... –  Palindrom May 2 '11 at 14:47
setof/3 should rather be used here. –  false Dec 8 '14 at 21:43

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