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I need to create a "virtual file", a file that if some program access that file, e can answer the size, permissions, and 'say' what is writen in it.

Why? I have a Virtual Machine that have and Virtual Hard Disk, and i need that file be a 'link' to other and far location (unknow by Virtual Machine Program) When the VM try to read, i need to 'say' what is writen, and when it´s try to write, i need to store in other location. In most cases the file is in a network and splited in many computers (like a Network FileSystem) then i need to know every change/access/read in file and deal with the request. I can't modify/inject the target program (third-party).

I found a question in this site about Virtual File, but i need to know in real time all changes in the file. I searched for File Hooks and found nothing. I tryed to use a virtual driver, but it´s hard to find some code (like Daemon Tools, but with Read/Write). I thought in a remote folder (or mapped drive) with FTP, but the file size is TOO big (10-50 GB) and i need to read specific sections of the file.

Thanks in advance for any help. (Windows)

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What you are looking for is called a Filter Driver.

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Muito obrigado, estou tentando com o Dokan. – Rafael May 4 '11 at 14:59

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