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I've got a question about flex. I have a form and the email is required. I googled this and found the following solution:

<mx:FormItem label="Email" id="emailFormItem"  width="100%" styleName="formEven" required="true">                   
<mx:TextInput id="emailTextInput" width="100%" text="{user.email}"/></mx:FormItem>

The problem is that when I press ok the call is still made. I know you have to validate the following by yourself but does anyone has an idea how I can validate the field(s)?


I've found a solution for this:

You can create a validator for each field you want to validate and then create this function:

private function isValid():Boolean {
            var failedValidators:Array = Validator.validateAll([emailValidator, userNameValidator, languageValidator, firstNameValidator, lastNameValidator]);
            return failedValidators.length == 0;

This can be closed.

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what I generally do is create a method called something like isSubmitEnabled or isFormComplete. I call it on keyUp on every field that is required and check for values in all of the fields (and any other validation I want to do) and then as long as everything checks out I set the submit button to be enabled otherwise I set the submit button to be disabled. As long as you disable the button when you start then you should be good to go.

I have used this method several times and find it to be the easiest to use and especially to maintain. I will look at the docs and see if I can see what you can do with the required attribute on the form item though.


According to the docs:

This property controls the indicator display only. You must attach a validator to the children if you require input validation.

What you want is mx.validators.Validator (http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/mx/validators/Validator.html)

 <mx:Validator id="reqValid" required="true"
    source="{fname}" property="text" 
    valid="handleValid(event)" invalid="handleValid(event)"/>

See the code examples on that link to see how to use it. The example is actually exactly what you are looking for I think. HTH

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