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Is it possible to create a temporary (session only) table from a select statement without using a create table statement and specifying each column type? I know derived tables are capable of this, but those are super-temporary (statement-only) and I want to re-use.

It would save time if I did not have to write up a create table command and keep the column list and type list matched up.

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Perfect! Columns with optimum maxlengths and all! I added the word temporary so create temporary table mytable as select .... –  George Bailey May 2 '11 at 16:36
How would you specify the engine of that table? e.g. MEMORY I have tried ENGINE=MEMORY but it gives me a syntax error. –  imperium2335 Jun 26 '12 at 6:57
@imperium2335, Perhaps you should try the following: create table t as select ... limit 0; alter table t engine=memory; insert into t select .... Or, perhaps you can change the "default engine of new tables". I imagine this can be done in a session level variable. Better yet, use the Ask Question button on the upper-right. –  George Bailey Jun 29 '12 at 16:05
It doesn't require knowing about the column names and types, which was the questioner's reason for wanting to avoid using Create Table. –  psparrow Feb 8 '13 at 23:13
you can use it like this CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS table2 LIKE table1 if you dont want to copy data, just structure –  dzona Jul 22 '14 at 20:47

In addition to psparrow's answer if you need to add an index to your temporary table do:

  temp_table ( INDEX(col_2) ) 
AS (
  SELECT col_1, coll_2, coll_3
  FROM mytable

It also works with PRIMARY KEY

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Can Engine=Memory be used too with such syntax? –  DarkSide Jun 25 '13 at 21:59
@DarkSide Yes ENGINE=MEMORY can also be used. See the following example: blog.cnizz.com/2010/11/24/… –  RafaSashi Jul 26 '13 at 10:30
Really useful answer guys, thanks. –  Wandering Zombie Oct 31 '13 at 19:34

Use this syntax:

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE t1 ( select * from t2);
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This is just a more clear answer as opposed to CREATE TABLE table2 AS (SELECT * FROM table1) –  rizon Dec 7 '12 at 2:07
In my opinion, your answer is too similar to the existing answer for it to be useful. I suggest you either delete it, or, you can do something else to make it a better answer than the first one. Examples might be adding a link to documentation, clarifying the purpose of some of the optional keywords (temporary, as, the parenthesis, etc) –  George Bailey Dec 11 '12 at 16:21
I disagree! This answer includes the word "TEMPORARY", which only appears in the comments to the accepted answer. That is an important distinction - this answer is actually potentially better for that reason. –  Dan Nissenbaum Jan 24 '13 at 11:20
@Dan, the times are changing :) –  George Bailey Feb 14 '13 at 2:28

Engine must be before select:

as (select * from table1)
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ENGINE=MEMORY is not supported when table contains BLOB/TEXT columns

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