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I am evaluating options for a scripting language to embed at my company.

We mostly make indie games, and we use managed frameworks (Unity and XNA). This means that we need a solution that works with both Mono and .Net, and we'd rather avoid stuff that is too slow.

The possibilities we are considering are the following:

  1. python
  2. lua
  3. F#

The features we require are:

  1. continuations/coroutines
  2. decent performance
  3. integration with Mono and .Net (compatible type systems)
  4. [optional]. ease of extensibility to add new combinators such as multithreaded coroutines
  5. [optional]. easy bindings

I know for certain that I can achieve all requirements in F# with a custom-built monad (I have several working prototypes which are ending in a few products) but I would gladly jump to another solution if it is proven to be better!

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Can you elaborate on what you don't like about F#? If you know that it meets all of your requirements, what are the factors that would lead you to choose another language? –  kvb May 2 '11 at 16:09
This is way too broad. What will the scripting language will be used for? –  Adam Matan May 2 '11 at 16:52
Have a look at Nemerle. It supports functional and OOP styles, but also provides very powerful metaprogramming capabilities which enable you to extend the language syntax to suit your needs. –  Mark H May 2 '11 at 19:30

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As you're using .net anyway, any of the .net languages might allow you the easiest implementations. From a learning perspective etc. I'd prefer Lua any time due to it's rather simple basic constructs and syntax rules.

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I have a weird-er suggestion for you. How about using C# or VB.NET?
You can dynamically compile scripts and save the assemblies. This way you get minimum loading time.
You can also register them in the GAC and have no worry!

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