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every post in facebook news feed has property type. i need to fetch all posts with type='video' from facebook news feed and i cant find way to do this. Best result ive got is when i filter it with youtube like this:|2.DZCbXFjyGRSLWHSiklY1lg__.3600.1304269200.0-531926632|OiWpywOlwl1foPSth9_8RmrihTQ

please replace access_token in link with your own

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You could iterate through a user's feed and throw out the items that aren't of type: video.

FB.api('/me/home/', {limit: 1000}, function(response)
        if (object.type == 'video')
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yeah i know, ive done something similar but i want to avoid fetching data which i dont need –  aron May 4 '11 at 11:04

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