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I have a caching system I need to bypass if the user's name (in a cookie) is found in the $request_uri. I'm trying to do something like this, but can't get the variable to interpolate into the regex. Any suggestions pretty please?

I can set the $me variable just fine from the cookie; I just can't get it to interpolate into the regex.

set $chk == "need"; 
set $me "kevin"; 
if ($uri ~ $me) { set $chk ""; } 
if ($chk == "need") { rewrite ^ /testing }

I've always tried things like this:

if ($uri ~ "by-{$me}") { set $chk ""; }

Thanks! -Kevin

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It's not exactly what I asked, but I think it'll work for my purposes. I'm still curious how to interpolate a variable inside a nginx PCRE regex if anyone else knows!

set $chk == "need"; 
set $me "kevin"; 
if ($uri ~ /by-([^-]+)/) { set $by $1; }
if ($by = $me) {set $chk "";}
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You have a syntax error on the first line, I think. The double equals operator shouldn't be there. I thought that was my problem for a second, but putting them into a config file won't pass any pre-launch checks. –  pospi Jul 25 '14 at 4:41

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