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I was recently asked by a co-worker if it was possible to automatically output the contents of these windows into a text file automatically each time the solution is built.

I have been using Visual Studio .NET since the original release. I have not witness a way to do this, I also never had the need, so I simply could have glanced over it.

There must be a way to tell csc.exe and MSBuild to output to a file.

I forgot to mention this is a Visual Studio 2005 C# project.

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In 2010 (assuming it's the same for all others) each project generates a %name%.log text file in it's own directory by default. The solution does not though, so you may need to concatenate all these files or something similar.

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Are you sure this is the case for C# projects? Afaik the log is only created for C++ projects. – Dirk Vollmar May 2 '11 at 17:51
@Ramhound, If it's not an answer then don't mark it as that (I'm not complaining about 15 rep though)... I did have a look at C# and I can't see any logs anywhere, or anything in the project settings. – Matt May 9 '11 at 12:50

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