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Lets say we have a GoodTimes controller and we want to create the following mappings between routes and controller actions (in addition to the standard resources):

/good_times/new/party          {:controller => "good_times", :action => "party"}
/good_times/new/afterparty     {:controller => "good_times", :action => "afterparty"}
/good_times/new/eurorave       {:controller => "good_times", :action => "eurorave"}

In Rails 2 land we could do:

map.resources :good_times, :new => {:party => :get, :afterparty => :get, :eurorave => :post}

Our path-helpers would then be:


What is the preferred method of accomplishing the same in Rails 3 land?

This question is answered here: Adding custom :new routes using Rails 3 routing

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It doesn't look like the question you pointed out answers this. Can you answer your own question and clarify? – mihai Feb 21 '13 at 15:29

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