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in .gitignore what is the difference between using




And how would I make it so that it removes a certain file, no matter where it is?

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A leading / anchors the ignore pattern at the point in the tree where the particular .gitignore resides.

A trailing / means that a pattern will only match a directory (and so all the files in that matching directory).

You can have both, e.g. /bin/ will match only a directory called bin and only at the level of the .gitignore file.

A simple *.ext will match any file ending with .ext anywhere at or below the level of the .gitignore file in which it appears.

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The latter would match "xxx/bin" and "bin" in any other subdirectories.

Answer for your edit: *.ext would take care of all files in the repository ending w/ that ext.

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Also answer his second question, that is, he should use .ext instead of */.ext –  alternative May 2 '11 at 19:13

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