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Platform Using: SharePoint Server 2010 Tools Using: Visual Studio 2010 Description/Question: I've developed a custom master page and I'm deploying my artifacts using Modules in Visual Studio 2010. Both the master page and images deployed to their correct location, but when I deploy my theme css file to the Themable folder under the styles folder, its not there. Here are my two questions/problems:

  1. My css file does not deploy to the Styles Library/en-us/Themable/ library. In my module; the Module element my URL attribute value is Style Library/en-us/Themable and the RootWebOnly property is set to true.
  2. Also I was wondering how can I deploy my custom master page to appear with all application pages? I know the Application.Master is the master page set for all applications, but how can I overried this? Powershell? Visual Studio?

Thank You in advance....

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Here is module xml:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Elements xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">; <Module Name="ThemesModule" Url="Style Library/en-us/Themable" RootWebOnly="TRUE"> <File Path="ThemesModule\IntranetTheme.css" Url="IntranetTheme.css" /> </Module> </Elements> –  Brandon Michael Hunter May 3 '11 at 16:55

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Check this sample solution:


The solution is answering following questions:

  • How to deploy a custom master page ?
  • How to customize a master page ?
  • How to attach custom master page to personal sites using stabling feature ?
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