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I am running Jenkins as our CI server, and we program mostly in C and C++ (with a little perl scripting here and there). Anyway, I have the following tools that I use to create metrics with for every build:

  • NSIQ (LOC and Complexity)
  • CPPCheck (for static analysis)
  • gcovr (for coverage)
  • CPD (for DRY checking)
  • StatCVS (for developer information and tracking - just for funsies, not really useful from a CI perspective)

Are there any others that you know of that we could use, preferably with a Jenkins plugin or some form of XML/HTML output? I tried CCCC, but it was not as proficient with our code.


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I recently attended a talk about Sonar. I do not yet personally use it, but we are actually setting it up at work and I plan to use it at home for my hobby projects.

I had not heard of it until recently, but I am extremely impressed with everything that I have seen with it so far.

The biggest negative is that it maintains its own pages, although Jenkins (and Hudson) should be able to launch it to start it.

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Are you using/plan to use Sonar with C/C++? Everything I've read about it seems to suggest a Java/Maven combination. –  Sagar May 2 '11 at 19:36
I personally am using it with Java and preparing to use it for C#, but we are not using Maven. This is a tool that should work with C++: MetriC++. We do not yet use Sonar, so I am not all-that versed in its use, but from the demonstration that I have seen I expect great things. Check out the former link, and here is their documentation mentioning future, official C support from them. –  pickypg May 2 '11 at 19:41
I was reading their documentation, and it seems they already have a C plugin, which is great. However, even to use Sonar light (only static analysis), you need a minimal pom.xml. Ugh. Thanks though, will look into it further. –  Sagar May 3 '11 at 14:25

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