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I read an article about Test Driven Datamigration (German, PDF) and they mentioned a Sanity Suite. It is not well explained and there's no definition.

Is there a definition or is it a spongy word?

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This is a small set of unit or integration tests, just to check sanity -- that the system basically works.

It can be useful to extract such a suite from your larger suite of automated tests for rapid testing when you don't have time for the full suite.

In practice, unfortunately, the sanity suite often all that is developed, though it is better than nothing.

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It's like a Presidential suite, except unlike a politician, you have to be actually sane to...yeah, you see where this is going.

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I have no idea, but I think I need one! :)

(note: a joke, and mark as community)

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Every geek has to have things sounding cool :) –  guerda Feb 25 '09 at 14:59

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