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<TabItem Name="tbInActive" Header="Previous" Width="100" Height="100">
    <ListBox Name="lbActive" 
             ItemContainerStyle="{DynamicResource SelectedItemContainer}">
            <DataTemplate  >
                <EventDet:EventSumDetail x:Name="ItemCtrl"
                                         SelectedItem="{Binding ElementName=lbInActive, Path=SelectedItem}" />
    <!-- ... -->

In my codebehind I tried

this.lbActive.SelectedItem = null; and this.lbActive.UnselectAll(); and (edit) this.lbActive.SelectedIndex = -1;

But they had no effect.

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have you tried setting the selected index to -1? –  LueTm May 2 '11 at 19:50
@LueTm didn't work –  bit_ly_1selcQ3 May 2 '11 at 19:55

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There is no reason why this.lbActive.SelectedItem = null; should not work. (It works on a clean slate ListBox)

I'm quite sure the problem lies with your custom parts, either SelectedItem="{Binding ElementName=lbInActive, Path=SelectedItem}" is forcing a selection, or a binding in your ItemContainerStyle does so.

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I guest that EventDet:EventSumDetail is a kind of ListBoxItem or something like that. The problem you had a OneWay binding(by default)... you had to explicitly make it TwoWay binding.. like this:

<EventDet:EventSumDetail SelectedItem="{Binding ElementName=lbInActive, Path=SelectedItem, Mode=TwoWay}" />

Also, you don't need to name (x:Name="ItemCtrl"), in this case it's unnecessary.

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