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I need to loop over the properties of a javascript object. How can I tell if a property is a function or just a value?

var model =
    propertyA: 123,
    propertyB: function () { return 456; }

for (var property in model)
    var value;
    if(model[property] is function) //how can I tell if it is a function???
        value = model[property]();
        value = model[property];
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Use the typeof operator:

if (typeof model[property] == 'function') ...

Also, note that you should be sure that the properties you are iterating are part of this object, and not inherited as a public property on the prototype of some other object up the inheritance chain:

for (var property in model){
  if (!model.hasOwnProperty(property)) continue;
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that is only reliable if the property is a native function. If it is a host object, you can get anything, even an error. – RobG May 3 '11 at 1:16
@RobG Oh? typeof (new XMLHttpRequest).getAllResponseHeaders returns "function" for me on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Is this an IE issue, or is there a different host object or method you're thinking of? (It's not that I doubt you, I'm just looking for an example.) – Phrogz May 3 '11 at 1:46

Following might be useful to you, I think.

How can I check if a javascript variable is function type?

BTW, I am using following to check for the function.

    // Test data
    var f1 = function () { alert("test"); }
    var o1 = { Name: "Object_1" };
    F_est = function () { };
    var o2 = new F_est();

    // Results
    alert(f1 instanceof Function); // true
    alert(o1 instanceof Function); // false
    alert(o2 instanceof Function); // false
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Though unlikely, note that this will fail if you are testing a function value that came from another window frame (as each frame has its own Function root). – Phrogz Feb 3 '15 at 23:33

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