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I've downloaded a nightly build of webkit which includes a dll, pdb. There are no header files and I can't find documentation on the API and usage of the dll.

I'm looking for example code to integrate this into a C++ application, and how to start requests, render them to window or ideally a Direct X texture.

So far my searching is coming up short on the webkit website and the internet at large.

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Why dont you use QWebKit from Qt? see this

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+1 for QWebkit, if you can swallow the Qt dependency, it makes things real easy. – Casey May 2 '11 at 22:03
That looks like a good way to go, thanks – justinhj May 3 '11 at 17:10

You might want to check out the Chromium Embedded Framework available here:

I've used it extensively and found it to be functional, stable, and easy to use. It is smaller than QWebKit and has a more liberal license.

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