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I'm reading an image in an link_to_remote call,and then using send_data i send the read image as

:type => "image/png" :disposition => 

but when the div tag gets updated i see only ascii characters but if i do the same operation using normal call(link_to) i see it functioning normal. could someone explain please?

my view:

<%= link_to_remote("flip",
     :update => "img",
     :url => {:action => "flip"}
<div id="img"></div>


def flip
    ilist = Magick::ImageList.new
    send_data(@out,:filename =>'workshopimage', :type => "image/png", 
:disposition => "inline")

the above doesnt work but with my view as

<%= link_to("flip",
     :action => "flip"

it works....so doesnt it mean i need to do some thing more incase of an ajax call ..am i missing something ..?

Thanks Shaunak

PS: the question above is copy paste of another post by some other user on some other forum yet unanswered. My problem is exactly same, only i am using gruff graphs. Taken from : http://lists.rubyonrails.org/pipermail/rails/2006-May/041499.html

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You don't want to link_to_remote for this, you'll want to update the image's src attribute to point to the URL:

link_to_function "flip", "myImage.src = '" + url_for(:action => "flip") + "'"
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when i do this. And view the source it looks like it should work accept, i still dont see them image. In you answer does 'myImage' stand for <img id='myImage'/> ? –  Shaunak May 4 '11 at 20:34
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This is How i could solve this using the Hint given by robbit:

<div id = "graphDiv">

<%= link_to_function("show", " var i = document.createElement('img'); i.src = '" + show_graph_hcfcd_url(1) + "'; $(graphDiv).appendChild(i); ") %>
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Robbrit's answer is very useful, but I find the solution to just be ok for Chrome, and a failure under IE8 and Firefox. When I click the link, the image can not be updated. What's your opinion, specifically in IE and Firefox?

I found the solution, still using the method robbrit provided. Using src=url?+Math.random() will be ok under IE8 and Firefox.

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