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I'm trying to use MoreLikeThis class from lucene as described in "Lucene in action" book, but that class does not seem to exist :/

I'm using lucene-core-2.9.4.jar, normal indexing and searching works fine. I have looked iniside the jar (and the 3.x.x version), but there is no such class inside, what am I missing?

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Are you referring to the MoreLikeThis class? It should be inside lucene-queries-2.9.4.jar. Look under the contrib/queries folder of your Lucene binary download.

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Go to this page: and download the source code. The class MoreLikeThis is not part of lucene itself, rather an example class related to the book

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Hmm, although I can't see if in the source tree. Is the class file definitely called MoreLikeThis? – Scobal May 2 '11 at 21:56

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