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I am trying to find a bluetooth packet sniffer to capture bluetooth signals from close by devices. I would like for this application to work on mac osx. I have had difficulty finding anything at all so my requirements are low right now - something that shows signal strength and mac address would be a good start.

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Actually, Xcode does not include the bluetooth utilities by default (at least in 4.6). You need to open Xcode, go to Xcode>Open Developer Tools>More developer tools, then login with your Apple developer account, search for the “Hardware IO tools” and download the package. It includes an app called PacketLogger.

If you want the new tools to appear in Xcode's developer tools menu, drag them to the folder.

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Does PacketLogger log only traffic sent to or from the Mac, or can it run the Bluetooth adapter in the equivalent of "monitor mode", where it'll capture all traffic that it can receive? If it doesn't do a form of "monitor mode", you might need something such as the Ubertooth adapter. – Guy Harris Mar 26 '14 at 19:40
As @guy mentions, this doesn't answer the OPs requirement of capturing traffic from nearby devices. From… : 'This application monitors all Bluetooth traffic being transmitted on the computer'. PacketLogger will only detect nearby devices if they are visible to all devices, i.e., it requires users to enable visibility, which lasts a couple of minutes and then turns off on current Android and iOS devices. – mikemaccana Jun 13 '14 at 9:56
I needed to restart Xcode to get the items to show up. – ThomasW Jan 20 '15 at 10:19

If you have xcode installed, hold the option key while selecting the bluetooth icon in the menu (upper right).

You'll see some new options in the drop down menu.

(At least for 10.5.8)

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I assume you are interested in BLE or Bluetooth SMART.

If so than you are looking for the Ubertooth One. You can get it here:

This article will get you started on how to do it:

Or have a look here for some information:

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The Xcode utilities for Xcode 3.2.x includes three Bluetooth utilities including a packet logger.

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It is possible to use Wireshark in conjunction with the Ubertooth on OSX to capture both Bluetooth v1-3/Classic and Bluetooth LE/v4/Smart. Unfortunately it seems that the latest version of Wireshark/libpcap cannot currently utilise any built-in MacOSX Bluetooth hardware.

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