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I am getting a segmentation fault in the following code:

   Node *pointerArray[6];
   int onesNeighbor[]={2,3,6};

   Node *createNode(int localDistance)//////creates a node
Node *newNode;
newNode=new Node;

return newNode;

    void insertNode(Node *n,int i)//////////////////connects nodes to the
    {/////////////////////////////////////////array of pointers

    for(int j=0;j<=2;j++)
   cout<< onesNeighbor[j]<<",";

    for (count = 1; count < 2; count++)
     current = pointerArray[count];

    if (count == 1)
        for (int j = 0; j <= 2; j++)
            lowest = current->shortestDistance;
            current = pointerArray[onesNeighbor[j]];

            if (current->shortestDistance < lowest)
                lowest = current->shortestDistance;
                closestNeighbor = onesNeighbor[j];

PLease Help.....

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what line is it the segment fault happening? – TheFuzz May 3 '11 at 0:53
We'd need to see the declarations of pointerArray and onesNeighbor to be able to tell you exactly, but basically, one of those arrays is either too small, or a wild pointer -- probably the latter. – Ernest Friedman-Hill May 3 '11 at 0:53
COde as currently written will never reach the inner loop, since count will be 2 at the start of the first iteration. – Joe May 3 '11 at 1:45
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As a completely blind guess, without the declarations of the 2 arrays, caused by an off by one error addressing them. Either j<=2 should be j<2 and/or count=1 should be count=0. Just my attempt at psychic debugging.

Update: New version is not much clearer - you like to leave way too much to the imagination. There are no calls to insertNode, so any attempt to deref pointerArray may seg-fault. Is that a typo in the question, or the cause of the seg-fault you're seeing? Also, the outermost loop iterates from 1 to 7 - is that supposed to correspond to the pointerArray? If so, 0 - 6 might make more sense if you're going to call insertNode passing i as the second param. Do you have code that compiles?

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