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I am working on a launch script (not live yet) that requires users to submit their email address and then we will notify them once our site is launching. After said user submits email address I have a unique identifying link they can email or share across their social network, I also have twitter and fshare enabled to make it easier to share my site with friends. I want to offer a special promo to users that share my site with their friends that actually submit their email to us. How do I track each persons invites? I also want this data to be stored in a way that makes it easy to graph using gephi. Is there a script that can track this kind of social networking for all users? Any help would be great, Thank you for reading this

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+1, for mentioning Gephi! –  Alix Axel May 3 '11 at 1:32

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By giving out unique URLs per user you can track the invites, because every new user will use the unique URL from the inviter. So you should already have a solid base for tracking who invited whom.

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I guess I was trying to over complicate the issue...thanks –  griz May 7 '11 at 23:18

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