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I got a task to develop an API for test case generator. I am using java.

Currently I have created the generator, and input and output class. What else do i need to do to develop an API? My API can be used for computer-based system and a web-based system.

Can suggest articles or any materials about developing API or library and what is needed in API for web-base system?


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Bloch's "How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters" is great! They are representation and pdf.

You could google it.

BTW: If you are using Eclipse to generate JUnit test cases, Eclipse provides wizard for “New JUnit Test Case”. Users could select test class and its methods, hope it can help you.

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An API should be seen as a set of methods used to talk to your system which can be treated as a black box by those who code to your api.

Have you defined which methods are part of the API and which are not? Have you documented the methods as javadoc comments or otherwise?

A good API should be consistent, and well documented. Take a look at java collections API for an example of a good API

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