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I am writing an SSRS report that has several parameters including a couple of date fields. I do not want the user to be able to enter time information in either date field, but SSRS only has the Date/Time data type. Is there a way to force these report parameters to act as date only, and can I set a specific format (e.g., dd/mm/yyyy)? I would like to keep the built-in date-picker-calendar functionality.

I do not want to write my own report parameter web page because if I did then this one report would be the odd one out given that all of our other reports (which don't use date parameters) work fine with the built-in SSRS parameter entry functionality.

Perhaps the answer is that you can't do it with the built-in options, but that seems crazy - how could something so obvious have been overlooked?

The Google and Stackoverflow searches I've done only gave me ways to set the format in the report output (actually there are a number of cases where people have asked a question similar to mine and only received answers about setting the output format).

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The problem is that you are using parameters that get timestamp information.

For example, if you are using Now() in your expressions- you will be asking for the current date AND the current time. However, if you use Today()- you will only be asking for the current date.

=Today() 'returns date only

=Now() 'returns date and current timestamp

Useful references:

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Thanks, but that doesn't work. It's fine for the data in the report output, or for default values for parameters, but I was looking for a way to prevent users being able to enter time data in a report parameter before running the report. With the standard SSRS UI there does not appear to be any way to do that - you can default the date parameters to a specific date, but you can't stop the user manually typing in a time. – nnnnnn Sep 8 '11 at 0:02
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To answer my own question based on research I've done since asking it: it seems it is not possible to control how SSRS handles user entry of date/time values in parameters. If there is a need to restrict to date (or time) only or do cross-field validation then you need to implement your own front-end - which unfortunately for my specific business case doesn't help.

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In my experience it has only given me the date and time when the filed you are selecting from contains both date and time. I have found if I am selecting on a date only field then I only get the date in the parameter

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Thanks, but the parameters aren't selecting from a DB field. You can set defaults that are just a date, but I can't find a way to stop the user typing in a time value as well. – nnnnnn May 4 '11 at 23:29

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