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I use the phone gap framework for developing android application, my specification is to send a email message, for that I use web intent plugin for sending email, in default i can able to specify subject and body of mail programmatically, but the contact i can't do it programmatically need to done manually. Is there is any other way to send the contact programmatically?


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Phonegap plugins are possibly the best route, although I personally don't understand how to use the sample here:


Also, try the "mailto" on and anchor:

href="mailto:support@desktopwealth.com?subject=Adding E-mail Subject Is Easy&body=content for the body of the email to remind me of a specfic reason, location or purpose for this email"
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When using the mailto anchor it gives the message "Unsupported action" when debugging on android –  Joeri Minnekeer Mar 29 '12 at 11:59

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